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  • 866 Briar Ridge Rd, Weston $410,000

    • 3 Beds
    • 2 Baths
    • 1833 sqft
  • 1152 Chenille Cir, Weston $690,000

    • 5 Beds
    • 4 Baths
    • 3071 sqft
  • 1442 Blue Jay Cir, Weston $649,000

    • 4 Beds
    • 2 Baths
    • 2674 sqft

Alberto Finol

In the world of real estate business exist several fantastic personalities with different capabilities, yet Alberto Finol stands out as one of the most talented businessmen the world has ever seen. The Venezuela born genius is an experienced agent with several years of good work as a proof. 

Alberto decided to choose real estate business after careful analysis of several business types. Trust and reliability is one important thing in every business, Alberto grew to become a highly reputable business agent with high records of customer satisfaction. The Miami based agent who is currently a realtor associate at Julie’s Realty  in Miami Florida is specialized in helping his client in acquiring properties as a buyer’s agent, and also render service which includes short sales and foreclosure, investor, and seller’s agent. He ensures his clients do not fall victim of any form of fraudulent activity by getting them only offers with legal proofs.
Profit is a top priority for many people in business but in the case of Alberto, quality and customer satisfaction takes the lead, and this is one of his secret keys to success among his mates.

The bilingual businessman has been able to remain the choice of the people in the real estate field not just because of his excellent customer relation ability but because of the quality of services he offers to his clients. Apart from his official assignments, he also dedicates his time to give clients useful advice concerning property sales and acquisition to prevent them from making unnecessary mistakes.

Address: 1700 Kennedy Causeway #160

Phone: 954-709-9707

Email: [email protected]

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